The entertainment industry serves as an important psychological tool of the system, possibly even when it is dishing out large amounts of sex and violence. Entertainment provides modern man with an essential means of escape. While absorbed in television, videos, etc., he can forget stress, anxiety, frustration, dissatisfaction. Many primitive peoples, when they don’t have work to do, are quite content to sit for hours at a time doing nothing at all, because they are at peace with themselves and their world. But most modern people must be constantly occupied or entertained, otherwise they get “bored,” i.e., they get fidgety, uneasy, irritable.

Ted Kaczynski

Industrial Society and its Future


Madness glasses close-up at IHeartRadio Festival 13

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Radiohead - In Rainbows(2007)


Radiohead - In Rainbows(2007)

Radiohead Is for Boring Nerds | NOISEY



"…You want me, well fucking well come and find me…come on and break the door down."

Radiohead, Talk Show Host.  (via wordsnquotes)